Establish - Implement - MaintainEH&S Management Systems


What can Audit XL do for you?

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency by automating the establishment, implementation and maintenance of Management Systems.

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On-Demand Reporting

Generate on-demand reports that reduce or eliminate report writing requirements.

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Manage Diverse Systems

Manage Safety and Health, Environmental, VPP, Risk , Security, Quality, Regulations, Industry Standards.

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Organize Documentation

Organize and retrieve documentation that supports each system’s requirements.

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Evaluate Org Requirements

Evaluate implementation of organization requirements, while automatically generating and scoring audit findings.

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Continuous Improvement

Develop and track continuous improvement plans to optimize business systems.

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Developer Component


The Developer is the key

The Developer is the key component that sets Audit XL above other products. The Developer enables users to ensure that their Content Modules are always appropriate for their unique circumstance.

Create New Content

We designed Developer as a user-friendly tool to enable anyone to fully integrate applicable Standards and Regulations with their own unique requirements.

Customize our freely offered Starter Modules

Simply stated, we recognize that no single system can satisfy everyone’s needs. The ability to customize content is critical in view of the ever-increasing number of Industry Standards and Government Regulations facing global business.

Auditing Component


Consistent Performance Evaluation

Consistent Performance Evaluation is assured as the user is systematically guided through each Content Module’s requirements. The ability to present consistent guidance to users at geographically dispersed locations ensures that criteria are applied as intended, regardless of who conducts the evaluation.

Automatic Audit Findings

Automatic Audit Findings are created by selecting a Score Level for each Assessment question. Programmed answers associated with selected Score Levels dramatically reduce or eliminate post-audit report preparation, significantly increasing efficiency.

Unique Score Types

Use of Unique Score Types and Weighted Requirements simplifies the subsequent prioritization of remediation plans.

Planning Component


Create and Track Action Plans

Create and Track Action Plans designed to correct non-conformities identified during the auditing process.

Make System Improvement Decisions

Make Timely Cost-Cutting and System Improvement Decisions based on the ability to specify responsibilities, due dates, financial and human resources required to correct each unacceptable condition.

Document Control


Maintain Documents & Records

Organize and Maintain Documents and Records required by Standards and Regulations.

Electronically Organize and File

Electronically Organize and File policies, procedures, training programs, presentations, and other materials associated with all of the organization’s management and compliance systems.

Build and Maintain a Database

Build and Maintain a Database of reference materials available on the world-wide internet.

Reporting Component


On-Demand Reporting

On-Demand Reporting eliminates manual report preparation activities required by many auditing processes, significantly improving auditor productivity.

Customizable Report Templates

Customizable Report Templates enable the targeted dissemination of selected information, which enhances report clarity and reader understanding.

Content Modules

Your organization is unique. Your Management System should be too. Start with our Free Starter Modules, then use Developer to customize them to meet your unique requirements.
All Audit XL users are provided full access to our ever-expanding library of Starter Modules. Don’t see a topic you need? Let us know! We would be happy to try to accommodate your request.
NOTE: For access to this and other Premium Content, licensed user of Audit XL can use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this page to request a Login ID and Password.

Free Starter Modules

  • Air Station Aviation Safety Review – USN
  • Chemical Hazards – USAF
  • Clean Air Act Risk Management – US EPA
  • Confined Spaces – USAF
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) – USAF
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) – US OSHA 1910.147
  • EHS Inspection Checklists – Miscellaneous
  • Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know CERCLA – US EPA
  • Environmental Impact Analysis – USAF
  • Environmental Management System – Generic
  • Environmental Management System – IS0 14001
  • Food Facility Risk Assessment Survey – US DOD
  • Food Service Management – Generic
  • Hazard Communication – USAF
  • Hearing Conservation – USAF
  • Hospital Safety & Health Considerations – US OSHA
  • Maritime Security Facilities – USCG
  • OHSMS – ANSI-AIHA Zl0-2005 – US
  • OHSMS – AZ-NZS 4801-2001 – Australia- New Zealand
  • OHSMS – CAN-CSA Zl000-06 – Canada
  • OHSMS – OHSAS l800l–2007 – International

Free Starter Modules

  • Personal Protective Equipment – USAF
  • Process Safety Management – US OSHA 1910.119
  • Quality Management Systems – 1S0 9001-2008
  • Respiratory Protection – USAF
  • Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations – ANSI-ASSE Z15-1-20006
  • Safety & Environmental Management System – API 30 CFR250 Subpart S
  • Safety & Health Management System – Generic
  • Safety& Health Welfare At Work Act 2005 – Ireland
  • Small Employer Certificate of Recognition – Alberta, Canada

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